Join Us For Record Store Day April 15, 2023

Thank You for making ATMV the the go-to store for Record Store Day events. We stock the biggest selection of RSD releases in the region.


Here’s the basic rules and info for Record Store Day Events

  • Go to On the home page, click on “RSD Releases” for a complete list of the exclusive and limited records set to be stocked for the big day. Remember these albums are issued in limited quantities and not available online or at the big box stores.
  • We open early at 9AM to accommodate the earliest shoppers and to alleviate any limitations for store capacity.
  • To avoid a stampede, we have controlled access to the store at opening time. Be prepared for wait-times outside the store before 11AM, dress accordingly.  FYI, most front-of-the-line customers have reported arriving as early as Midnight to 3am.  As a courtesy to waiting customers, we ask shoppers to be aware of leisure time inside the store.
  • To ensure fairness and to spread the joy of our limited RSD titles, we’ve increased the limit to FIVE (5) unique RSD purchases per person.
  • We order the most obvious items our customers will want. Even at that, we are rationed on high-demand items. Sorry, we do not accept hold-requests for any RSD product. If you don’t find your items on Saturday, let us know. We will write-up a special-order request, as we are offered RSD leftovers from our suppliers on Monday.


Join us at our new, expanded Fountains location directly below the Best Buy parking lot, as we celebrate the culture of independently owned record stores.