All That Music & Video to double its size in 2022

All That Music & Video is happy to announce that the music lover’s haven is about to get bigger! Twice as big, in fact.

On Monday, January 10, 2022, the current space in The Fountains at Farah will close temporarily for a much-needed expansion into the storefront next door, more than doubling the store’s size.

The store will move temporarily into a larger space just a few doors down from its current location. The complete reconstruction, which includes removal of a wall, will take about three months to complete. The temp location, across from P.F. Chang’s, opens three days later Thursday, January 13th.  The newly expanded storefront will reopen in April 2022, just in time for Record Store Day on April 16.

Gone will be the “cozy-tight” description of the present store, creating more elbow room and a more comfortable experience for customers.  The much larger location will allow for merchandising tens-of-thousands of media units presently stored at an office warehouse.  Look for a much deeper selection of vinyl LPs, CDs, & DVD in all categories.

ATMV has endured two years of disruption after initially relocating to The Fountains in January 2020 when three months later, a mandated COVID-19 shutdown forced a closure until July 2020.  “Since then we’ve steadily adapted to the new normal despite our cramped and limited space,” founder and owner George Reynoso said. “In a digital age, the sales and support from our customers for physical media has been nothing short of miraculous.”

A larger space was always the plan. “We look forward to the expansion, which will accommodate the deeper, curated inventory long-time fans have come to expect,” Reynoso said. “No one has been unaffected by the life-changing events of the last two years. We hope you agree that this 90-day inconvenience will make it all worthwhile. Thank you, El Paso, Juarez and Las Cruces for your patience and continued support.”

We’ll keep you posted with pertinent updates in the days and weeks ahead.  We can’t wait!

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