As hard as we tried, we have decided to postpone our opening at the Fountains for Monday, January 6th.  The gigantic move required more focus on moving-out, than moving-in.  The biggest factor, however, has been scheduling and waiting for contractors and related workmen to finish essential tasks during the Christmas and New Year’s week.  That really has proved too much for us to overcome.  It’s been a week of “HURRY UP & WAIT.”  While we are about 90% ready, the idea of having contractors and customers competing for space is not the shopping experience we want to give you.  The intricate technical job to our network and internet technology to allow us essential credit card services must also be finished.  Bear with us, we know the wait will be worth it.   We’ll start posting photos here later today.  Thank You for your patience and understanding …we’ll see you anytime after Monday the 6th.