YES, we’re alive & well during the COVID lockdown … Thanks to all our friends and customers who have messaged us concerned for our livelihood and health, but most of all thanks to our vendors and creditors who have given us their support and understanding until we can get back to normal.

We all agree that this pandemic-crisis is much bigger than anyone one of us individually.   For now, we’ll do the responsible thing, after all, we’re all in this together and we can start up again where we left off.  We’re not sure though that anybody knows how “curbside-pickup” works for a record store environment, so we’ll just wait a little longer. The staff is also grateful for the safety net of unemployment benefits. Everyone has a lifeline until we can get through this strange period.

In this downtime, we’ve taken the opportunity to ramp-up and focus our attention to our e-commerce business which thankfully has brought us the needed revenue to pay our basic recurring expenses.  We’re doing this from our Boeing street office/warehouse which you will remember is destined to become our secondary outlet store.  In truth, we needed this much needed pause & break from the chaotic and stressful relocation-move in December.  The Fountains store holds only 20% of our available inventory while the other 80% went to Boeing.  That’s where a lifetime of fixtures & tens of thousands CD’s, LPs, & DVD were boxed and stacked to the ceiling while we settled-in at the Fountains.  It’s been like a puzzle trying to configure a limited space into a presentable, organized and sensible format but we’re almost there.  More details on the Boeing street outlet on a future post.

We’re sensing that things might start getting back to some degree of new normal soon, so stay tuned, we haven’t gone anywhere.  We’ll continue to update you while we improve and fine-tune the store behind the scenes awaiting the green light to GO.  We’re as anxious and ready as you are.