Well, we’re as ready as we’re going to be.  Here’s a few photos of what to expect.   No big hoopla for our opening at the Fountains at Farah on Monday the 6th.  It’s what they call a “soft opening.”  For now, still a few unfinished fixtures, signage, graphics & tons of details still await completion.  We’ll be stronger in a week, and totally ready in another month, then we can start on setting a date for the opening of our outlet location.  If our staff is adapting & adjusting to our new home, we know our regular customers will too, so bear with us.  Remember, this location is about new opportunities & new customers.  This is not the old store.  It’s kind of a “Best of” or “Greatest Hits” of our last operation with lots of Vinyl.  Next time you’re at the Fountains, stop in and say hello and wish us luck on our new journey.  A heartfelt thank-you to YOU, our customers in El Paso, Juarez, Las Cruces around the world who have continued to support us throughout the years.