January 2, 2020 — UPDATE: The tentative opening date is Monday, January 6.

December 2, 2019 — The new year begins a new era for All That Music & Video, El Paso’s largest and longest-running independently owned music and media retailer.

We’re moving to a new home — and splitting in two!

Phase One occurs in January 2020 when All That Music & Video, known internationally for our vast inventory of new and used vinyl LPs, opens its new location at The Fountains at Farah. The tentative opening date is Friday, January 3.

“It’s a high-profile location with lots of traffic and shoppers,” says owner George Reynoso, who is celebrating his 40th year in the music retail business.

The last day of operation at the current 6800 Gateway East location will be Sunday, December 29, 2019.   All That Music & Video moved there in 2012 after two locations and 25 years on Lee Trevino.  Through the month of December, the store will liquidate “stale, stagnant and other miscellaneous items” accumulated from years of estate purchases.

At 1,500-square feet, ATMV’s Fountains store will be smaller, but will stock a more focused selection of hot-selling new and collectible vintage releases on vinyl, CD, DVD, posters, & pop culture gifts.  Patrons can expect to see the kind of items they’ve come to expect from All That Music & Video over the years.

“Simply put, the Fountains store will carry all of our premium, best-selling, high-value inventory,” George says.

That’s where Phase Two comes in.  ATMV expects to open an outlet-style store at its Boeing Drive office-warehouse location, which will feature music and media titles for the discerning buyer. The Boeing space will serve as an administrative office & processing center for our growing e-commerce business and vintage media evaluations & purchases, while functioning as a feeder to the Fountains store.

George sees it as a place where “pickers and diggers” can thumb through thousands of LPs, CDs, and DVDs that are too numerous to fit into the Fountains store.  Although the Boeing space has been occupied for most of the last year, it is presently functioning only as a staging area while we get organized and accommodated at the Fountains.  It’ll be a learning curve and an adjustment for all of us.  For that reason, we expect the limited retail outlet will open to the public sometime in February when more details will be announced.

ATMV has a long history of changing with the times.  Reynoso says he’s making the moves for various reasons.   The lease on the Gateway East building expired September 30, so our time here is on a month-to-month basis. The location never generated the kind of customer growth I envisioned when moving ATMV from our previous location on Lee Trevino in 2012.

“Our unique business model and inventory makes ATMV a destination business,” George says. “Our success is built on our own loyal, organic customer base despite the lack of a true group-retail cluster environment. For us, prominent I-10 visibility never translated into increased traffic or sales as I had hoped seven years ago.”

The Fountains location should solve that.  Although significantly smaller than the current location, turning the warehouse space on Boeing into a second outlet with deeper, slower-selling budget inventory is a more sensible business decision while keeping an alternative shopping option for our diverse collector’s audience.

It’s a win-win situation for the loyal fan or the occasional customer.

Although change is inevitable and always disruptive, it’ll be business as usual at our existing Gateway store through most of the month.  We’re generously stocked and ready for the busy holiday season.   “I’ve been lucky enough to grow All That Music & Video to be El Paso’s largest independently owned music retailer while seeing the rise and fall of records, cassettes, CDs and DVD.”   A new slogan “where having a hard copy matters,” will be featured in all marketing materials as ATMV fulfills the demand for the booming LP vinyl market.  It’s very exciting to have multiple generations of El Paso collectors come into our store.  We appreciate their patronage and for being fans and supporters of All That Music & Video and hope they share that same optimism and passion for our latest transformation.  We’ll keep you posted on the latest news via our website and social media.

About All That Music and Video

Owner George Reynoso is an El Paso native, Burges High School and University of Texas at El Paso graduate, and former radio and television broadcaster who started his first record store, Nostalgia Records, on Montana Street in 1980. He moved the store to Lee Trevino in 1987 and changed the name to All That Music in 1994. As the business expanded, so did the name, becoming All That Music & Video in 2007. The store was in two different locations on Lee Trevino for 25 years, moving to the Gateway East space in 2012.

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