A bit anti-climactic … but nonetheless, we owe our die-hard vinyl fans a reminder that the 3rd and final Record Store Day happens this Saturday October 24th.  A few of the items are pictured with this post, but the entire listing of those limited, one-of-a-kind gems can be found at www.recordstoreday.com 

Come join us for all the fun … the store is jam-packed with Vinyl, CDs, & DVD old and new.  While you’re there, register to win a $250 gift card at the end of the night. 

Veteran shoppers already know the rules but read on for all the details.

• Firstly, we’re opening at 8AM! Earlier than ever, to accommodate the earliest shoppers and to alleviate our limitations for store capacity.

• Remember, in the spirit of fairness and spreading the joy, we’ll have controlled access to the store at opening, with a limit of two (2) RSD purchases per person. You are welcome to rejoin the line.

• The two-item limit should be suspended after 12 noon, but we will still need to enforce strict limits of 15-person capacity to ensure safe social distancing. Be prepared for possible wait times outside the store.

• Hourly-drawings are being replaced this year with one Grand prize. Any customer purchase can be registered for the drawing at 8PM closing-time, you need not be present to win. The prize, a $250 gift card from ATMV.

• We order the most obvious items our customers will want. Even at that, we are rationed on high-demand items. Sorry, we do not accept hold-requests for any RSD product. If you don’t find your items on Saturday, let us know. We will write-up a special-order request, as we are offered RSD leftovers from our suppliers on Monday.

• Go to www.recordstoreday.com for a complete list of the exclusive and limited releases set to be stocked for this final RSD celebration for 2020. 

Remember, the traditional Black Friday version of RSD comes your way Friday, November 27th.  Get motivated with “Black Friday” offerings at the RSD site. We’re working late, packing the shelves for the fun. Look for lots of new exotic releases, best sellers, and tons of other cool pop-culture gift items. Join us again this year, this time at our new Fountains location directly below the Best Buy parking lot, as we celebrate the culture of independently owned record stores.  In the meantime, stay safe and don’t forget your mask!