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Want to sell your LP collection?

Posted by Serge On July - 31 - 2010


Here’s why…

1. Our grading standards are strict and non-negotiable!
No scratches, scuffs, or excessive wear on LPs.
No dirty, torn, written-on, or missing LP covers.

2. Purchases are based on our existing inventory!
With an inventory of 40,000 LPs, yours may be duplicates we don’t need.
Regardless of LP condition, some of yours may be titles we can’t sell.

3. Our free appraisal process is a benefit to you, but costly to us!
We are offered as many as 1,500 LPs a week.
Our man-hour costs for sorting, grading and appraising LPs are substantial.

4. We’re looking for a few best sellers!
Rock N Roll sells the best.  The harder & edgier the better.  (See “Studs & Duds” below)
We pay pennies to $25 based on existing inventory, condition, collector’s value.

5. Tough economic times have created a surplus of LPs in the marketplace.
Thanks for bringing us your LPs.  Please read the essay by clicking HERE for more detailed information and selling and pricing of used media.

Selling LPs?

Time out! The new realities of collectible LPs.

Considering selling your LP collection? Because All That Music & Video is the most important seller and buyer of new and used vinyl records in the region, you will want to bring them to us first! Just be advised that although demand for collectible vinyl has increased, potential supply has grown at an even greater rate. Tough economic times have resulted in our staff evaluating many more collections than ever before. This overabundance of vinyl has made it more difficult for us to cull through and find true treasures in large collections.

Still, as a service to our customers, ATMV is happy to offer sellers free appraisals of their LP collections. We will grade, sort, and appraise your LPs as our time permits. Please be patient, however. There are always collections in the appraisal process ahead of yours. We now appraise as many as 1,500 per week. For us, this is costly, time-consuming work that takes great attention to detail. Many of these albums we are just not prepared to purchase. We will get to yours as fast as possible to give you a fair and honest appraisal.

ATMV’s store space devoted to vinyl has increased and continues to increase. But sales in our retail vinyl section do not move fast enough to keep pace with the overwhelming volume of vinyl we have in retail bins and in inventory.

Thankfully, the obsolescence of vinyl predicted with the advent of CD technology in the ‘80s has proved completely false. LPs began making a comeback thanks to their use by Hip Hop DJs. Also, some rock bands have continued to release their music on vinyl as well as CD. There is also a market composed of collectors, young and old, who appreciate the look, feel and analog sound quality of vinyl LPs.

There are some things you should know about selling your LPs.  ATMV will give you the best price possible for LPs that have some value.  However, we ask our customers to be realistic about the value of their record collections. Sometimes, there are just too many copies of some records available for sale, and not enough buyers. Consider the fact that we presently have more than 40,000 records in storage. Many of these are multiples of some of the records you may be selling.  We accumulate so many used records that periodically we throw out the duplicate copies and keep only the better ones. However, since we’ve been a great resource for vinyl collectors for more than three decades, we still seek quality LPs that may turn up.

Sometimes, sellers bring us collections with many LPs in good condition by in-demand artists. More often, though, a collection of 100 records may contain perhaps only a few items that may still hold some commercial appeal to our very selective customer base. The rest, while at one-time perhaps bona fide best sellers, are now no longer of interest to our buyers. Frequently, these customers will replace their worn or damaged LPs that are commonplace with CD versions. They’re shopping for true treasures, particularly Rock and R&B classics.

For vinyl collectors, the general condition of LPs and cover are extremely important. Record value can be compared to postage stamp & coin collecting standards. That is, the better the condition, the better odds the item will have any value. The important difference to this comparison is this: Just because the LP is in good condition, doesn’t necessarily mean it has any value or collectability. Many LPs which were never or rarely played were not destined to be classics in the first place. If your LPs are rare, but were played and enjoyed frequently, chances are the album has suffered from moderate to serious wear & tear.  On the other hand, if the LP is a historic critically acclaimed item, and has been meticulously cared for with minimal play, then there is a chance it could be worth something.  That is, of course, if it is not a commonly available recording.

Hope you’ve gotten a better understanding of our appraisal process.  Don’t be disappointed with our bid.  Be realistic. We recommend that you keep any records that have emotional or sentimental value to you, because generally speaking, 90% of the LPs in any collection are common and have little or no value. For those, we can only pay out pennies, nickels, and dimes at best.  The other 10% may have a value of 25 cents to a dollar.  True collectibles may command $5 to $25 dollars at the wholesale level.

Good Luck!

Thanks for considering All That Music & Video for the most honest and fair appraisal of your LPs!


LP Demand – “Studs & Duds”

“Studs” (Sought-After Artists on LP)

The artists below are only a sampling of many LP’s that are in demand.

Generally speaking, any Rock ‘n Roll, Psycaldelic, Punk, R&B, or Chicano Rock LP from the (50’s-80’s) era, are high in-demand.  The edgier, more obscure, or rarer – the better.

  • Animals
  • Beatles (original Vee-Jay & Apple)
  • Beatles solo albums by Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, or Starr
  • Berry, Chuck (early Chess)
  • Bowie, David (early)
  • Brown, James (early king and Federal)
  • Clark Dave Five
  • Cooke, Sam (early Keen and RCA)
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Crystals, The (on Phillies)
  • Domino, Fats (early Imperial)
  • Doors & Jim Morrison
  • Dylan, Bob (early Columbia)
  • Gaye Marvin (early Tamla)
  • Hendrix, Jimi
  • Jives
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Little Joe and the Latinaries
  • Malo
  • Pickett, Wilson
  • Pink Floyd
  • Presley, Elvis (early RCA)
  • Price Lloyd (early ABC Paramount)
  • Rolling Stones (early London)
  • Ronettes, The (on Phillies)
  • Sunny and the Sunglows (Sun liners) on Sunglow or Teardrop
  • Turner, Joe (early Atlantic)
  • Wells, Mary
  • Zappa Frank (early Verve)

“Duds” (Least Sought-After Artists on LP)

The artists below are only a sampling of many LP’s that are not in demand. Often many of these types of records are routinely abandoned or donated. We cannot pay cash on many of the artists on this list.

Generally speaking, any Classical, string, house orchestra, instrumental, or no-name budget LPs from the 60s-70s also fall into this category.

  • Alpert, Herb or Tijuana Brass
  • Ames, Nancy
  • Campbell Glen
  • Conniff, Ray
  • Crosby, Bill
  • Denver, John
  • Diamond, Neil
  • Enoch Light
  • Faith, Percy
  • Ferrante and Teicher
  • Four Freshmen
  • Grateful Dead
  • Hall and Oates
  • Hirt, Al
  • Joel, Billy
  • John, Elton (on MCA)
  • Kaempfert, Bert
  • Kingston Trio
  • Lettermen
  • Living Strings
  • Guy Lombardo
  • Longines Symphony
  • Mancini, Henry
  • Manilow, Barry
  • Mantovani
  • Martin, Dean
  • Miller, Mitch
  • Moody Blues
  • Newton-John, Olivia
  • Readers-Digest recordings
  • Rogers, Kenny
  • Simon, Carly
  • Streisand, Barbra
  • Warwick, Dionne
  • Welk, Lawrence
  • Williams, Roger
  • Wilson, Nancy
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