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Selling Your LPs

Selling Your LPs

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Vinyl LP Records – What are they worth?

Considering selling your LP collection? With over 37 years of experience buying and selling vinyl, All That Music & Video is the best positioned to give you the most honest and accurate assessment of your records.  We are happy to offer sellers free evaluations of their LP collections.   We will grade, sort, and appraise your LP’s as our time permits.  ATMV will give you the best price possible for LPs that have some value.  Collections of less than 50 units can be handled on the spot, however if you have a large amount of records, say 100 to 200+, we may give you a receipt and ask that you to give us 12-24 hours to properly evaluate your collection.

There are some things you should know about selling your LPs.   We ask sellers to have cautious expectations about the value of their records since we see an estimated 1,500 to 3,000 records weekly, not all of which are we prepared to purchase.  Most often, we see too many of the same records week after week.  The law of “supply and demand” dictates that an overabundant supply and little or no demand, equals little or no value.  Most of these records are multiples of the same records you may be selling.  We accumulate so many used records that periodically we toss out the duplicates and keep only the best copies.  However, we’re always seeking quality LPs that may turn up, so we are grateful for the opportunity to evaluate your records, it’s what we do.


Typically, your records will be sorted into 5 groups labeled here A to F

  • A – Collectible – High demand, good condition Rock / R&B records
  • B – Strong – In demand Rock or R&B Records
  • C – Common – Low demand – Rock or R&B Records
  • D – Common – Little or No demand – Non Rock
  • F – Recycle – garbage, poor condition, missing sleeves, heavy dirt & wear, junk labels


Generally, as little as 15% or less of any collection may yield records in the A & B categories.    Once your items have been sorted we can give you our best offer on these records.   With a few exceptions, 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s EZ listening, soft rock, Country, Classical, Spiritual music are grouped in the D category.  You have several options on the albums in the C, D, & F categories.

  • They can be returned to you for your own garage sale or donation possibility
  • We can offer a token or nominal bid to accept the records.
  • You can choose to let us liquidate & recycle as needed at no obligation for the both of us.


Record value in part can be correlated to stamp & coin collecting standards.  That is, the better the condition the better odds the item will have any value.  Although you may have A & B records, if the LP’s were played and enjoyed frequently, chances are the album has suffered moderate to serious wear & tear.  Our bid will always reflect the condition of your items.

We recommend that you keep any records that have emotional or sentimental value.  We expect a reasonable negotiation with sellers especially on A & B records which may be worth $3-$25 at wholesale.  Common in-demand LPs may be worth 25-cents to two-dollars.  Common, low-demand albums may be worth pennies, nickels, or dimes at best.  Thanks for considering All That Music for an honest and fair appraisal of your LPs!  Hope you’ve gotten a better understanding of the process.  Again, be cautious and realistic with your expectations. Good Luck!