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Selling LPs: The return and revival of vinyl records.

Selling LPs
The return and revival of vinyl records.

If you want to sell your unwanted vinyl LPs, come to All That Music & Video “Collectors Marketplace” first. Our name says a lot about what we do and how we do it. We cater to collectors. In fact, we’ve been handling collectible music for decades, making us the premier collector’s stop in the region.
Although our standards are high, we could be interested in as much as 10% of your collection, sometimes more. That’s why we offer a free appraisal service. We’re happy to grade, sort, and appraise your LPs as quickly as possible, sometimes on the spot, but more frequently in a matter of days. We’re proud to say we appraise as many as 1,500 albums per week. It’s costly and time-consuming work that takes great attention to detail, so please be patient and you’ll receive a fair and honest free appraisal.
LPs have had a worldwide resurgence in popularity, a phenomena few expected in the ‘80s when CD technology replaced the vinyl LP as the music medium of choice. More recently, downloading has given music lovers even more choices. So why the great revival in LPs? ATMV “Collector’s Marketplace” has significant space devoted to the display of collectible LPs, as many as 40,000 titles in store bins and storage as inventory. The answer lies in the innate attraction of the vinyl LP medium itself.
LPs, with their large sleeves, created an art form: the record jacket.
CDs never approached this impact because they were downsized. Sellers must keep in mind that collectors are looking for clean jackets. That’s why we turn down albums with dirty, worn or missing covers.
Other factors in the LP revival include their use on the turntables of Hip Hop DJs. Similarly, current recordings of some rock bands are released on vinyl as well as CD. There are also young and old collectors of LPs who never really go away – they love the touch and feel of LPs and turntables. And enlightened audiophiles insist, quite rightly, that their favorite music sounds better on analog LP recordings than on CD or other digital formats.
There are some hard facts you should know about selling your LPs. ATMV “Collector’s Marketplace” will give you the best price possible for LPs that have some value.  However, we ask our customers to be realistic about the value of their record collections. Sometimes, there are just too many copies of some records available for sale, and not enough buyers.
This law of supply and demand dictates that an overabundant supply and limited demand changes the profit equation for sellers. This is a double-edged sword that affects both you and ATMV “Collector’s Marketplace”. For us, it means that competition is fierce enough to hold down our prices to customers. For you, it means facing a glut of LPs already on the market. It follows that we have to be careful about what and how much we can buy from you. We presently warehouse tens of thousands of LPs. This inventory can include multiple copies of the very records you may be selling.  We accumulate so many used records that we periodically throw out the duplicate copies and keep only the top grade LPs. Nonetheless, since used collectible records are a specialty of the store and an important segment of our overall offering to customers, we still seek quality LPs on a daily basis.
Of paramount importance are the artists themselves. Rock classics still sell the best. Rare records sell better than common ones. A record from the ‘50s or ‘60s has a much better chance of being a collectible than one released later. Some, even at one time perhaps bona fide best sellers, are now no longer in demand. Click on the “Studs and Duds” ATMV website hyper-link to see examples of recordings that are of little or no value, and examples of collectible artists and recordings that may hold some value, pending condition. We observe, monitor and research buyer preferences carefully, so you can take our word for it if an LP is a collectible hit or a miss. Sellers need to understand that due to harsh economic times there has never been a more available and abundant supply of used LPs. Still, a small fraction of all LPs still in circulation are legitimate collectibles.
If your LPs were played and enjoyed frequently, chances are the album has suffered from moderate to serious wear & tear. On the other hand, if the LP is a historic critically acclaimed item, and has been meticulously cared for, then there is a chance it could be worth something.  That is, of course, if it is not a commonly found recording.
Hope you’ve gotten a better understanding of our market and free appraisal process.  Don’t be disappointed with our bid.  Be realistic. Generally speaking, 90% of the LPs in any collection are common and have little or no value. For those, we can only pay out pennies, nickels, and dimes at best.  The other 10% may have a value of 25 cents to a dollar.  True collectibles may command $5 to $25 dollars at the wholesale level.

Good Luck!

Thanks for considering All That Music “Collector’s Marketplace” for the most honest and fair appraisal of your LPs!