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Sell Your CDs

Sell Your CDs

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Selling your CDs?

“How much do you pay for used CDs?”

This is a question we’ve been answering since we first started selling CDs in 1984, and that answer has changed quite a bit over that time.

Since the digital revolution, CDs have experienced a slow sales decline. Consumers are abandoning their mass-produced CD collections in favor of streaming and/or downloading services. On top of that, e-commerce sites like Amazon buy and sell those mass-produced CDs under real-time market conditions.

And that means the market is flooded with used CDs, driving the price down. It’s just a new fact of life.

That’s great news for buyers – savvy collectors can acquire CDs for pennies on the dollar (especially if they’re willing to a pay a $4 shipping charge on the internet). It’s less encouraging for sellers, unfortunately, who are often trying to unload pretty common titles in a market that is already saturated with them.

It’s not all bad news, however. Like in any other field, the supply and demand for the item you’re selling is the most important factor.

So, if you’re looking to sell CDs, here are the things you should consider:

  • The more popular a title, the lower the sale price will tend to be. After all, everyone else is already selling their copy of that title, too.
  • While it’s reasonable that used CDs may bear minor flaws like minimal fingerprints or an occasional mark or scuff, no one is interested in product that has been neglected or abused. ATMV guarantees all our used product, so any offer we make will reflect each title’s condition.
  • If the artist or CD were a passing trend, then there’s a strong possibility that the CD could be worthless. It may all come down to the timing of when you decide to sell a CD against its present popularity. Many Rap, Hip-Hop, Country, Classical & Jazz CDs do not command the same value as other established or mainstream artists or genres.
  • You’re seeking the “sweet spot” – a title or an artist that is in demand but that’s rare enough to matter.

There are always exceptions to these rules, but generally, we can make a spot judgement based on the title alone. Your CDs may be sorted into one of five groups, identified here as A-F:

A – Strong, high demand, regional favorites, Classic all-time best sellers, “Best of” or “Greatest Hits” compilations, out-of-print collectibles, some box sets
B – Strong but common, now low-demand artists or titles
C – Weak or low-demand artists or titles
D – Weak – no-demand artists or titles including CD singles, promos, unknown artists
F – Poor – For recycling – missing artwork or cases, damaged or abused

Realistically, we are only prepared to pay for CDs in the A & B categories. We ask potential sellers to remember to have realistic expectations. Our aim is to offer a win-win-win situation for the seller, merchant, and buyer.

70% of most common CDs sell for less than a dollar (and more often for mere pennies) – a price you can check against the same kinds of sales on e-commerce sites.

Thank you for considering All That Music & Video for a bid on the purchase of your used CDs. Our customers know that All That Music & Video is the best place to buy quality, guaranteed used CDs at fair and low retail prices. The used CD marketplace is well matured and is the final determinant for the buy-sell equation. We have the experience & resources to determine the true marketability of any used CD.