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Sell Video Games

Sell Video Games

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Selling your Used (Pre-Owned) Video Games?

Used Video Games, like music CDs, movie DVDs and vinyl LPs, are now bought and sold by All That Music & Video (ATMV).

  • ATMV has established the highest standards in town for buying and selling all of these used products.   We are aware that consumers have other choices in selling their used items, but ATMV customers know that the amount we pay is always fair and based upon market conditions.
  • The condition of the Video Game you are selling is very important.  So is the supply and demand for the item.  The amount that ATM will pay for your used Video Games is determined by many of the same factors that affect the value of CDs, DVDs and LPs.
  • We ask our customers to be realistic about the value of Video Games they sell and to understand that other buyers, including pawn shops, are not likely to pay more than ATMV for used Video Games.
  • Most of the Video Games in good condition that we buy are worth $2 to $5.   Some Video Games in great demand and near-new condition can command as much as $20 to $30 or more.   However, older and less popular games may be worth as little as .50 to $1.

How does ATMV determine how much to pay for used Video Games?

Condition of Video Game. Because ATMV guarantees all of the pre-owned products we sell, it is extremely important that the Video Games we accept for resale are free of serious scratches, marks, scuffs, or other unacceptable damage.

  • Video Games on disc may be somewhat more durable than music CDs, and some minor flaws such as fingerprints or  scuffs may be expected, but ATMV is not interested in items that have obviously been neglected or abused.
  • Like all collectibles, pre-owned products that are new, like new, unused or unplayed command the highest prices.
  • It is important to properly care for and handle your Video Games, especially if you may decide to sell them in the future.  Handle Video Game discs from the edges and always store them in their proper cases.  These two habits will ensure that the value of your collection will be optimized when you are ready to sell.

Market Conditions (Supply & Demand). Like other items we buy and sell at ATMV, the value of Video Games is affected by the ever-changing supply and demand of products in the market.

  • Logically, Video Games for the latest game systems on the market that are popular with our customers but limited in the number of used games available for sale, are the most valuable.
  • Other games, and especially older games for which there is no great demand, may have little or no value.   ATMV will not buy games for older game systems.
  • Currently, games for the following systems are most in demand:
    • XBOX 360
    • PlayStation 3
    • Nintendo Wii
    • Nintendo DS
    • PlayStation Portable (PSP)
  • Games for these systems are less in demand, but are still bought and sold:
    • Nintendo Game Cube
    • XBOX
    • PlayStation 2
    • Game Boy Advanced
  • Games for systems older than those above, such as SEGA Dreamcast, PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64 are not bought or sold by ATMV.