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Sell DVDs

Sell DVDs

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Selling your DVD Movies?

Buying and selling new and used DVD Movies has become an important part of our business at All That Music & Video.

  • Many of the same factors involved in selling your CDs also apply to selling DVD Movies.
  • Like anything else, the supply & demand for the item you’re selling is the most important factor in determining its value, but the DVD Movie must also be in acceptable condition.
  • We ask our customers to please be realistic about the value of their used DVD Movies. While you may not like our appraisal, we believe that if you do your own survey of other vendors, you will discover that our bid is always realistic, fair, and based on market conditions.
  • We are aware that you have other choices when selling your DVDs.  We think it is important that you know we have the highest standards in town for purchasing used DVDs.  Don’t confuse us with a pawn shop or thrift store.
  • Although we reject many items, we can pay out from 1-dollar to 6-dollars for any single DVD movie.  Multiple DVD sets, rare collectibles, imports, and out-of-print DVDs may command more.
  • Our customers know that All That Music & Video is the best place to buy great quality & guaranteed used DVD Movies at fair retail prices.

So how much do we pay for used DVDs?  Let’s start with the basics.

Condition. We guarantee all pre-owned products, so it is vitally important that the DVDs we accept for resale are free from serious scratches, marks, scuffs, or other damaging characteristics.

  • Like all collectibles, DVD Movies that are new, like new, unused or unplayed command the highest prices.
  • While it is reasonable that used DVDs may bear minor flaws like minimal fingerprints or an occasional mark or scuff, we are not interested in product that has been neglected and abused.
  • We can not overstate the importance of the proper care and handling of your DVD Movie collection.  Handle the DVD from the edges and always store it in its proper case.  Getting into these two habits will insure that the value of your collection will be optimized when you are ready to sell.

Market Conditions. This is a broad area of judgment and involves many factors.  Market condition here is synonymous with supply & demand.

  • Here’s a simple example.  Let’s assume that many sellers are relinquishing the same DVD Movies back into the marketplace, and that the DVD is showing no interest from buyers at retail.  It is logical that this DVD Movie will have little or no value.   We see many of these DVDs per month and routinely can make on the spot judgements based on the title alone.
  • As a general rule, hot, in-demand or classic movies always command the best resale value.   However, current and new releases undergo their own sales cycle.  In the beginning, many buyers may be eager to pick up a deal on a used version of a hot new release.  However, as the months elapse, consumers discard the “flavor-of-the-day” and move on to the next new latest hit artist or release.  Meanwhile, the resale marketplace becomes flooded with the same item.
  • It may all come down to the timing of when you decide to sell a DVD against its present popularity.   Wait too long, and you may be faced with too many of the same title available for too many uninterested buyers. We routinely clear-out non-performing used DVDs by selling them in the 99-cent to 1.99 range.
  • If the DVD Movie was not critically acclaimed, or if the actors are unknown,  then there is a strong possibility that the DVD Movie may be worthless.

Other Factors. The used DVD Movie marketplace is now well matured.  At All That Music & Video, we have the resources to determine the true marketability of any used DVD Movie.

Thank you for considering All That Music & Video for a bid on the purchase of your used DVD Movies.  We are always seeking large volumes of used DVDs to feed the appetite of our many happy customers who shop for the weekly deals we are known for.  The marketplace is the final determinant for the buy-sell equation. Our aim is to offer a win-win situation for the seller, merchant, & buyer.