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Sell DVDs

Sell DVDs

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Selling your DVD Movies?

Buying and selling new and used DVD Movies has become an important part of our business at All That Music & Video. However, with the explosion of the digital revolution, the physical media market has greatly matured. Today, consumers continue to abandon their old video in favor of more convenient wireless or streaming technologies, like Netflix and Amazon to name a few. Thus, the market is flooded with DVD media making it a “buyers market” for consumers still seeking an affordable deal on a favorite hard-copy movie.

Additionally, e-commerce sites allow consumers to buy & sell under real-time market conditions. There are so many sellers offering the same movie, that a savvy buyer can acquire a DVD for a penny to a dollar if they are willing to pay a $4.00 shipping charge. ATMV competes with this reality, so the valuation on your CDs will reflect these and several other factors.

From the big screen, to subscription-streaming, the sales/demand cycle for a DVD title is now incredibly short. Within 10-30 days, the valuation of the title is quickly determined based on the popularity or success of the title. Thus, it may all come down to the timing of when you decide to sell a DVD against its present popularity. Wait too long, and the item may become worthless, with too many copies of the same title available for too many uninterested buyers. We routinely clear-out non-performing used DVDs by selling them for less than one-dollar!
So how much do we pay for used DVDs? Let’s start with the basics:

Like anything else, the supply & demand for the item you’re selling is the most important factor in determining its value, but the DVD Movie must also be in acceptable condition. We guarantee all pre-owned products, so it is vitally important that the DVDs we accept for resale are free from serious scratches, marks, scuffs, or other damaging characteristics.
We are offered thousands of DVDs per month, not all of which we are prepared to purchase. Generally, we can make a spot judgement based on the title alone. Your DVDs may be sorted into 4 groups, identified here as A-F

A – Strong, High Demand, regional favorites, Cult classics, all-time best sellers, Oscar or Academy Award standards, out-of-print collectibles, some box sets, some Disney
B – Strong but common, generally older, now low-demand movies titles
C – Weak or No-demand, Older low-budget B movies
F – Poor – For recycling – missing artwork or cases, damaged or abused

There are always exceptions to these guidelines, but realistically, we are only prepared to pay for DVDs in the A & B categories
A-list items could command $1 to 5-dollars or more. B-list items may be worthy of 25-cents to a dollar, while C-list product could be worth pennies, nickels or dimes at best. We are happy to recycle or discard F category items.

Thank you for considering All That Music & Video for a bid on the purchase of your used DVD Movies. We are always seeking large volumes of used DVDs to feed the appetite of our many smart customers who expect a deal, so please have realistic expectations on the value of your DVDs. The marketplace is the final determinant for the buy-sell equation. We have the resources to determine the true marketability of any used DVD Movie. Our aim is to offer a win-win situation for the seller, merchant, & buyer.