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LP Demand – "Studs" & "Duds"

LP Demand – "Studs" & "Duds"

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LP Demand – “Studs & Duds”

“Studs” (Sought-After Artists On LP)

The artists below are only a sampling of many LP’s that are in demand.

Generally speaking, any Rock ‘n Roll, Rhythm & Blues, or Chicano Rock LP from the (50’s-80’s) era, and especially Motown, James Brown, Malo, Santana, Beatles, Doors, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, CCR, and John Lennon, currently are highly in demand.

  • Animals
  • Beatles (original Vee-Jay)
  • Berry, Chuck (early Chess)
  • Bowie, David (early)
  • Brown, James (early king and Federal)
  • Clark Dave Five
  • Cooke, Sam (early Keen and RCA)
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Crystals, The (on Phillies)
  • Domino, Fats (early Imperial)
  • Doors
  • Dylan, Bob (early Columbia)
  • Four Seasons (on Vee-Jay)
  • Gaye Marvin (early Tamla)
  • Jives
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Lennon, John
  • Little Joe and the Latinaries
  • Little Richard (on Specialty and RCA)
  • Pink Floyd
  • Presley, Elvis (early RCA)
  • Price Lloyd (early ABC Paramount)
  • Rolling Stones (early London)
  • Ronettes, The (on Philles)
  • Sunny and the Sunglows (Sunliners) on Sunglow or Teardrop
  • Turner, Joe (early Atlantic)
  • Wells, Mary
  • Zappa Frank (early Verve)

“Duds” (Least Sought-After Artists On LP)

The artists below are only a sampling of many LP’s that are not in demand. We cannot accept any items on this list.

Generally speaking, any Classical, string, house orchestra, instrumental, or no-name budget LP from the 60s-70s also falls into this category.

  • Alpert, Herb or Tijuana Brass
  • Ames, Nancy
  • Campbell Glen
  • Conniff, Ray
  • Crosby, Bill
  • Denver, John
  • Enoch Light
  • Faith, Percy
  • Ferrante and Teicher
  • Four Freshmen
  • Grateful Dead
  • Hall and Oates
  • Hirt, Al
  • John, Elton (on MCA)
  • Kaempfert, Bert
  • Kingston Trio
  • Lettermen
  • Living Strings
  • Guy Lombardo
  • Longines Symphony
  • Mancini, Henry
  • Manilow, Barry
  • Mantovani
  • Martin, Dean
  • Miller, Mitch
  • Moody Blues
  • Newton-John, Olivia
  • Readers-Digest recordings
  • Rogers, Kenny
  • Simon, Carly
  • Streisand, Barbra
  • Warwick, Dionne
  • Welk, Lawrence
  • Williams, Roger
  • Wilson, Nancy