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All That Music & Video El Paso’s Favorite Local, Independent Music Store!

We Are More Than A Record Store

As one of a very few major independently-owned stores for music, video and video games, All That Music & Video (ATMV) holds a special place in the community.

If you have not visited All That Music & Video before, ask people throughout the community about us.  They will tell you that we are an El Paso institution when is comes to finding rare and collectible music, and selling and buying CDs, DVD Movies, and Video Games.

Over the course of 28 years All That Music & Video has become a part of the local cultural landscape because we know and understand what our customers in the El Paso region want in new and pre-owned music, movies, and now video games.

We are also the place to find pop culture and music-related memorabilia, buttons, patches, posters and more!

At All That Music & Video …

  • We have the best service in town. All That Music & Video salespeople know that our customers like to browse on their own, but also want to have readily available help when they have a question or can’t find an item.  We spend much of our time finding rare titles, taking special orders, and mounting popular and hard-to-find posters to hang on your wall.  Of course we’re always ready and waiting to talk to you about selling and buying new and used music CDs, DVD movies and video games!
  • We guarantee good-as-new used CDs, DVDs, Video Games & LPs. We’re serious about quality when it comes to pre-owned CDs DVDs, Video Games and LPs.  We inspect them, repackage them in brand new cases and offer them to you at a great price. Most are priced between $3.50 and $7.50. You can’t go wrong because we guarantee good-as-new sound quality. Click here, to learn how we buy your used media.
  • You get a discount when you sell us your CDs, DVDs, Video Games & LPs. Sometimes you lose interest in some of your CDs, but your pre-owned CD is just what someone else is looking for! That’s why we pay fair market prices for pre-owned CDs, plus give you a 20% discount on pre-owned CDs, DVDs or Video Games  you buy when you sell us yours. 10% discount on anything else.
  • Our customers are super-loyal. Some of our customers have been shopping at our store for over 25 years. Our newer customers like their shopping experience so much that they become regulars.   All That Music & Video customers think of us as an important cultural landmark to be visited again and again, like a favorite restaurant or entertainment venue.

Thanks for Visiting Our All That Music & Video Website. If you do not find all that you need to know about All That Music & Video, feel free to call us at 915-594-9900.  We are always happy to hear from you!