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Documentary short featuring “Record Stores Across America”

Posted by George Reynoso On June - 5 - 2014Comments Off on Documentary short featuring “Record Stores Across America”

A huge Thank You to Corey Johnson from Columbus, Ohio. We thought Corey was just another tourist and paying customer at closing time some two weeks ago. It was late and we were tired & hungry from a long day, but Corey persuasively asked George for a quick interview. Corey apparently has a passion for independent music stores across America and produces videos on his favorite topic and hobby. This time it would be an opportunity for El Paso to shine.. He captured it all in a little over five minutes. What a professional job! The comments at the end are also positive. Good to see that the rest of the country gets to see that El Paso is on-par with similar stores in other cities. Thank You Corey for this unsolicited and unexpected marketing tool for our store and our city.


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